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Female pollen concentration in ragweed, symptoms may worsen

In the next few days, pollen concentration in ragweed is expected to increase further: it can reach very high levels throughout the country, and in the immediate environment of heavily contaminated areas can be extremely high.

Female pollen concentration in ragweed, symptoms may worsenSymptoms sensitive to ragweed can worsen or worsen, the chief medical officer said. Нgy elхfordulhat tьsszцgйs, nбtha-jellegы orrfolyбs mild fejfбjбs, kцnnyezх eyes, sore viszketйs, kцszцrьlйs throat, eyes fбradйkonysбga, бltalбnos fбradtsбgйrzet.A tьnetek enyhнthetхk lefekvйs elхtti hajmosбssal, frequent wet cloth tцrtйnх portцrlйssel and much segнthet if the Linen, especially the linen cover, is changed more frequently.Daily forecasting can be obtained at //
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